Saturday, March 1, 2014

Quick and Dirty Lottery Results - CFF 2014 - NON LOCAL Waiting List

Here are the NON local acts on the waiting list, in their pull order: 

Paige Strothmann Single Ladies Maywood NJ
Catherine Wright Tough Love Westmoreland New York
Cellar Door Theater Hot Steams New York NY
Benjamin Stuber Love in a Heat Death Universe Woodside NY
chimeric productions signal/noise louisville ky
EGADS! Productions Genie and Audrey's Dream Show! San Francisco CA
Krissi Reeves Spinning the Bottle Las Vegas NV
A Strong Production Twenty Something Dell Rapids South Dakota
Michael Kass Ceremony Los Angeles CA - California
Mary Lou Shriber You Want Me To Do WHAT?!? Mamaroneck New York
Eileen Tull Jesus, Do You Like Me? Please Mark Yes or No. Cincinnati OH
Carlos M.Kampff DOLORES A MIME OPERA Berkeley Ca
Stone on a Walk Theatre Thespis Cincinnati OH
Minion Productions More Bange For Your Buck Seattle WA
Center for French Theatre The Maids by Jean Genet Lexington KY
Worldly Fools Playdate Los Angeles CA - California
Alea Iacta Est The Wrong End of the Telescope Wyoming Michigan
Susie Thiel Collaborative How to Fold a Pleated Skirt: An Educational Guide Lexington KY
Lucas Brooks VGL 5'4" Top Brooklyn NY
Naked Masks Hue Man: He Volution Athens GA
MAD arts group Out of Cast and Cave Columbus OH
Gail Nyoka My Bones Shall Rise Lorain OH
Juraj Kojs Signals Miami FL
CAPS Picasso's Women: The Darker Side of Genius Marina del Rey CA
The Live Instructional Video Lazerjuice Minneapolis MN
Kevin J. Burgun Cat and Mouse Griffith Indana
Gary Walker The Power of Larry Compels You San Francisco CA
Todd Farley TBD Saginaw MI
The World's Stage Theatre Company Working Title - TBD Milwaukee WI
Audacity Theatre Lab CHOP Carrollton TX
Bishop's Kid Productions BANG! Life After Death Lakewood NJ
Lei Lei Lashawn / yamiToday Productions PathWays - the digital musical Dallas TX
Echo Brown Black Virgins are Not Hipsters Oakland CA
3 Woman Show 3 Woman, 1 Woman Show (with three women) Milpitas CA
Acting Up (in Acadiana) Cajun Face Lafayette La

Quick and Dirty Lottery Results - CFF 2014 - LOCAL WAITING LIST

Local waiting list acts, in the order they fall on the waiting list:

Artist Name Show Title City

Sam Calfo Historical Examination of the Concepts of Good and Evil Lisle
Laura Force Scruggs/Cosmic Jello Meet Me on the Ceiling Chicago
Beth Schaaf Jerusalem Salad Chicago
Serious Comedy Court on Trial: Courtroom drama set to comedy Chicago
PopSplosion Rocket Science Chicago
Endpoint Theatre Chronic Malcontents Chicago
Tapman Productions, LLC Tap Battles! Chicago
David Guiden Head (It's Not What You Think) Chicago
2 Merry Men 2 Merry Men schaumburg
Paul Pasulka Aesop's Fable Chicago
Mike Maxwell Hush Hush Comedy Chicago
Big-Little Comedy The Greatest Death on Earth Chicago
Mari DeOleo The Prefect 90's Sitcom Family Chicago
The Tacky Annie's Shake That Thing Chicago

Quick and Dirty Lottery Results - CFF 2014 - NON LOCAL ACTS

The following are the NON Local acts that have been pulled by lottery to participate in the 2014 Festival: 

Artist Name Show Title City State/Country
Jim Julien The Next Dog King Asheville NC
Kate Ryan Painful Indiana Schererville IN
Luminous Theatre Title TBD Milwaukee WI
Mark Murray/Two Hands Productions CODA Seattle WA
Instinct Theatre Waiting for Orson Washington District of Columbia
Nobody's Sweetheart Productions Jekyll N' Hyde- a rap musical Orlando FL
eMotion Theatre Trapped by Dreams Tampa Florida
Nicole Daniels Kids on Bikes Northampton Massachusetts
Joe Medina of MERCH Trauma And Vinyl: 'This Betrayal Will Be Our End': The Monologue San Francisco CA
Donald Arrington A New Day Brick NJ
Maximum Verbosity Indefinite Articles: A Libertarian Rage St. Louis Park MN
Nicole Kearney Productions What Doesn't Kill Us, Only Makes Us Stronger Indianapolis IN
Casa de Baile Traveling Studio Definition of Magic Boulder Colorado
The Divine Sister-Misters Divine Sister-Misters: Escape from Utah County Orem Ut
MaryAnne Mathews Mrs. President: A Visit With Mary Todd Lincoln Carmel In.
Basement 08 Productions Water Under the Bridge: A One-Act Musical Comedy with Puppets Huntsville Ontario
Oimoi Productions Hektor dies in the end Montreal Quebec
Rob Lloyd Rob Lloyd - Who, Me. Melbourne Victoria
New Light Theater Project Apartment Play New York NY
Merkins, Daniello & Sons The Scientists BROOKLYN NY
Cheep Art The Two-Step Seattle WA
Miranda Jonte St. Francis (working title) astoria New York
Sarsparilla Shook Productions Screw You, I'm Nancy Drew Indianapolis IN
Everything is Everywhere Natural Novice Brooklyn NY
Jeff Onore Dating and Death Waltham MA

Quick and Dirty Lottery Results - CFF 2014 - LOCAL ACTS

Hi! The following are the acts that will be playing in the 2014 Festival:


Artist Name Show Title City
Jennifer Rumberger The Bride Chicago
Moody Artist Group Chicago Afterdark Chicago
Rally Theatre Company Own Worst Enemy Arlington Heights
The League of Miscreants Another Drunk Talent Show Forest Park
HartLife, NFP Our Fair City Chicago
Oracle Productions Captive Audience Chicago
The Agency Theater Collective Out of Tune Confessional Chicago
Danielle Pinnock The Body Image Project Chicago
Rebecca Kling Something Something New Vagina Chicago
Dream Theatre Company The Mechanical Man Chicago
Amy Sumpter What Am I Doing? Chicago
Paper Stage An Evening With Chicago
Triptych "they" workshop premiere Chicago
Wishbone Theatre Collective Untitled 'L' Play Chicago
Brandy Reichenberger The Future Chicago
Po' Chop Black as I Wanna Be chicago
Epitrope Theatre Teenagers From Outer Space! Chicago
Spartan Theatre Company 10 & 2 Chicago
Hawkeye Plainview Superman and Orson Welles Chicago
Kayla Lane Freeman & Sara Faye Richmond Ankle Boots: Absurd Miniature Memoirs Chicago
Lost Geneva Project The Penelopiad Chicago
Alrosa Er' Man chicago
E. J. C. Calvert Sarazad and the Monster King Chicago
Duplicity Ensemble I Have Been to the Wild Wood Chicago

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Let's Hear it for the Little Guy

I don't think it's possible to escape online fundraising appeals these days.  There are may different ways to do these drives and they all have their success stories.  The Chicago Fringe Festival will be launching our own Membership Campaign later this month so keep your eyes peeled for more information.  In the meantime though...

I've been reading and discussing a lot lately about celebrities and their Kickstarter campaigns.  Crowd-funding and social media programs have become the easiest way to launch a fundraiser and celebrities who have zillions* of followers can quickly meet their extremely large goals.  But what about the smaller projects?  A number of artists who have performed or will perform in the Chicago Fringe Festival have used Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Razoo and a number of other platforms to fund their entry in our festival.  We have even had two successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns as well.  Our goals have always been much smaller than some projects you'll find on those sites but we still feel that we struggle for every dollar.  So here is what I will ask everyone who cares about Fringe to do.  Go on one of the crowd-funding websites.  Pick one.  I'm not fussy which one.  Find a small artistic project that tugs at your heartstrings.  There are lots of search options so get creative in how you find it.  Give them $5.  Tell them Chicago Fringe sent you.  Then ask your crowd to do the same thing.  I'm not saying you shouldn't donate to the celebrity projects (I certainly have projects I would love to see happen), I'm just asking you to give a little bit of love to the little guys.

*Give or take a few million

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Now That's Connection

Last blog post, Adrienne talked about giving birth to a Fringe baby. Well, if this baby was just born, the little bugger is sure growing up fast.

Why so fast, I thought to myself today? Why do things feel like they are coming to fruition faster and more furious this year than ever before?

It's a good question, and I think it comes down to the concept of CONNECTION.

I have not hid the fact that the last 6 months I have treated Fringe as a second job. I've been hightailing it everywhere to get things done. And, unlike, say, coding a new computer program, or generating pages of manuscript, most of my "things done" have to do with meeting and talking with people: staff at the Alderman's office, friends and acquaintances in Jefferson Park, artistic associates, potential board members, my professional mentor, independent contractors, new staff....I'm not even sure that list is exhaustive, were I to give it more thought.

See, connecting people is not only something I've worked hard at over the past 6 months, but also something that just, well, happens. It's natural. I guess I could say I'm good at it. It may just been my only real gift :) For more on connectors and their importance in the world, see Malcolm Gladwell's complete treatment on the topic: I recommend most of his writing.

Now, I know I am often connecting. But the enormity of it--and the speed at which things are now happening--is something that does not always occur to me. But that's exactly what happened just over this weekend when I met with Fringe's board president, Justin. Now, our board of directors does not officially meet more than quarterly, and so I typically see the Board less than I even see the staff (which is not nearly enough). This meeting was supposed to be with a potential recruit for the board, and unfortunately Justin and I got stood up. So what do two fine gentlemen do when they get stood up? They have tea, of course. And as we began catching up, something funny happened. My mind started to race telling Justin about the things I had been doing over the last 6 months. Interestingly, though, it was racing not because it was just a lot for me, but because I began to see what it meant for him. I started making connections. Connections everywhere! I had so many introductions to make--so many meetings that had happened and information that needed communicating. I had this feeling that I was simultaneously ahead of schedule and far behind! I had to take those connections apart one by one and decide which were important to share with Justin and which could be left out.

It was an enlightening experience for me, reflecting back. Like the plot line of a movie that starts in disparate places but ultimately ties together, I was starting to see (or maybe better stated: oversee) how all of these pieces that I've set into motion are coming to a head.

I've said before and I will say again that Fringe's tremendous power is made possible by our ability to work together. I'm really proud of who we are in that regard. I'd never be able to set things into motion if I didn't have capable folks within Fringe that I could trust to take the reigns. I connect outside of the Fringe circle, loop those connections into our board and staff, and hope the connection takes on a life of its own.

Connection, connection. It all starts with connection.