Monday, August 31, 2009

More Reasons Why

The further along the road we get, the more it seems right. Last week, we got interviewed by the editor of the Theatre section of Time Out Chicago. Exciting as the publicity will be when it comes out (I'll keep you posted), perhaps the conversation itself was more elating. Kris was planning on writing an article about how Chicago doesn't have a Fringe, and the pros of cons of why we would need one. He brought up an interesting point - the argument could be made that we need a Fringe so that small scale artists from around the country and the world have an opportunity to come here and show their work. In turn, we have the opportunity to view their work. Of course, we believe this argument to be true. People are starting to hear about it, and often the most excited artists are the ones from out of state. They want to come to Chicago! And who can blame them right? Most of us moved here from wherever we were in response to the tremendous siren call of what we perceived as an vibrantly alive theatre scene. I could write love letters to our theatre scene - it's bigger, more exhilarating, more complex than I even imagined when I was moving here with a capital M five years ago.

Friday, August 21, 2009


As I was on Twitter and Facebook today, surveying all as Oxymandias in Watchmen, I am seeing topics about Fringe brewing...people asking why, why don't we have one? To which I just say, we're working on it! :) I have commented and direct tweeted as applicable. By the way, if you haven't yet, check out The New Colony's blog. They are currently publishing a wish for Chicago theater each day, and it's fascinating:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

August Already

A bit of an update on the last post - we ended up having to re-file the incorporation, so our official official incorporation date is 7/24/2009. Since then things have been coming along nicely. We have invited some new folks to attend our upcoming board meeting; pretty thrilled about that. It's really something how folks are starting to contact us. People all over the country are excited about this! Stay tuned here for news of upcoming events. I hope to start blogging much more frequently. I think I've been taking the blog too seriously and probably need to let loose and view each post as less precious and just blog more often.

Fringe is in high season right now! It's great to hear little snippets from the fringes as they roll out across the country.

Last weekend I participated and attended the Abbie Hoffman Festival here in Chicago. As usual, it was fun and wonderfully bizarre.