Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chicago Fringe 2011 Acts Announced!

Our lottery was held on February 27 to select the acts for the 2011 Chicago Fringe Festival - we enjoyed tea, cookies and belly dancing performances by the excellent Arabesque school. Our acts have been pulled - and I'm thrilled to share them with you! Keep your eyes out for more developments as we work full speed ahead to create our 2nd Fringe - bigger, better, funner! (<- not a word.)

Local 2011 ChiFringe Acts

The Harlotry & Necromancy Appreciation Society

Journey Theater Group

Kate Healy

Rebecca Kling

Sideshow Theatre Company NFP

The League of Miscreants

t & t Productions

The Space/Movement Project

Suitcase Shakespeare Company

Lady Terror Productions

The TR! Show


Existential Crises

Mathew Stella

Fork in the Road Theatre Company

ToddsBurn Productions




Monica Dionysiou

Commedia Beauregard

Ted Brengle

Lincoln Square Theatre

Hobo Junction Productions

Core Project Chicago

Non-Local 2011 ChiFringe Acts
Right Brain Productions, LLC - Iowa

Pones Inc. - Ohio

barely balanced - Ohio

Giants of Theatre - Indiana

Gillian Hemme - New Jersey

Blue Suitcase Productions - New York

Elizabeth Blue - New York

Maximum Verbosity - Minnesota

Tim Brandt - Washington

Phil the Void - California

Godot Art Productions - Canada

Howard Timms - United Kingdom

The Adventures of Les Kurkendaal - California

Nicole Kearney Productions - Indiana

Then & Only Then - Texas

'rie Shontel - North Carolina

Ray Terrill Dance Group - Minnesota

Nejla Y. Yatkin/NY2Dance - New York

a denmo ibrahim production - California

Artemis Exchange - Kentucky

David Jacobson - California

Never Assume Productions - New York

Voler - Thieves of Flight - Missouri

Robin Gelfenbien - New York

Too Much Free Time Productions - New York

Roman Rimer - New York

Local Waiting List

Abraham Werewolf

Mike Cherry and Arthur Luis Soria

Matt Griffo

Wishbone Theatre Collective


Inaside Chicago Dance

Tympanic Theatre Company

Samuel R. Quinn-Dinowitz

The Dance Team

The Talking Cure

Dark Triad

Sonita Surratt

Cowardly Kiss Theatre

Das Glumlot

S'More Theatre

Pops and Tinker Productions


Area IV Theatre Company

Jennifer Olson

Sid Branca

Meghean Warner

Kristin Davis

Sam Houston Theatre Collective

Janus Theatre Company

Dance Group

Starshards Productions

Von Orthal Puppets

Stacey Smith

Wyatt Kent

The Inconvenience

Kelsie Huff


Jeffery Hancock

rhythm 8

Terra Mysterium

Forced Square Productions

Potential Theatre Company

Dennis Frymire

Non-Local Waiting List

Riverrun Theatre Company

Angry Young Men Ltd


Mark Jason Williams

Performance Gallery

Neil Bernard

Tangled Leaves Theatre Collective

Shelter Repertory Dance Theatre

Amy Albert/Delilah Dix

H.R. Britton

Twilight Productions

Pathos Theatre

The Great Ben Egerman Theatre Adventure!

Leigh Hendrix

Lian Cheramie/Acting Up (in Acadiana)

The Beggars Group

Lively Productions

Zehra Fazal

Poetic Rebound Performance Company


The Skinny Improv

Treeline Dance Works

John Grady

Dream Fulfilled Productions

Celebration Barn Theater

The Broken String Theatre Ensemble

Rednerrus Feil Dance Company

Kevin Thornton/55BC

Pirtlean Entertainment

George Contini

Who Loves Ya, Baby?


Muscle Memory Dance Theatre

Steve Fetter

Seth Lepore

Kelly and Lindsey

Poison Apple Initiative

Patrick O'Brien

Beverly Dale

David Nathan Schwartz

Push/Don't Pull Dance Theatre

4 Clowns

Irene Chan, Ch'An Press

Modal Kombat

Distance Dances

Tim lee

Jihad Milhem

Psophonia Dance Company

Red Theater

Laura Pazuchowski

Leila Ghaznavi

Howard Lieberman

Rupert Wates And Friends