Monday, February 2, 2009

February Thoughts

It's official - I have enough board members to incorporate. That is a blessing. With something as amorphous as this, it's not an easy sell. We should be having our first meeting this month. Things haven't been moving quite as fast as they did in the beginning, but I'm ok with it. I think I (we) needed time to let everything settle in a little bit. I've already had occasion to defend the whole idea to a naysayer or two. Goals for the present are getting the NFP paperwork going, and lots and lots of coffee meetings. I've been trying to contact people who have had practical experience in this sort of thing. It seems a waste to learn everything from square one when I know that there are plenty people around at square three and four.

I would love to run into someone who was involved in the PAC festival - please pass recommendations my way!

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