Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's New to Know Right Now

There have a been a number of decisions made in the recent weeks. Our website will soon be expanded with full flourish to include this information, but here is some new stuff that should interest folks. I can see that you are hungry for it! We will do an official press release soon, but for those of you in the know, here's what's new to know right now.

Upcoming Events:

Meet N Greet # 3 - Skylark Bar, Cermak and Halsted, Oct. 20, 7pm. *21 and over only. An additional event will be planned for younger folks in the future.

Indoor County Fair - Viaduct Theatre, Western and Belmont, Nov. 15, 7-10 pm. More details about this fun event will be following soon! Right now we are casting short acts for performance and theatre companies to run fun fair booths.

New Info About the Chicago Fringe Festival, 2010:

When: September 1-5, 2010

Where: Pilsen neighborhood, centering around Halsted and 18th street in Chicago, IL

Who: Approximately 40 performance companies; each with five staggered performances each.

How Chosen: Selected by Lottery and sub lottery to ensure diversity.

What gives: $400 dollar participation fee for chosen companies. Artists will keep 100 percent of ticket sales.


  1. Formal Birth Announcement Alert! Mr. Fringey has now let the fringe world know about the upcoming birth of the Chicago Fringe. Check it out at "Fringe or Die," at

  2. What do we need to be considered eligible to submit an application (besides a show)? I guess I'm asking, how is "company" defined in terms of being able to submit a proposal?

  3. Josh - you don't need to be incorporated or anything like that. You could be a solo performer, or a random group of people. No limits really. Sorry for the jargon-y term.

  4. Awesome. Thinking about coming by tonight to get more info. Thank you for the prompt responses!

  5. Still hoping lots and lots that you don't decide shows need to be 60 minutes or less... :D

    Excited about this new Fringe!!!

  6. Hey Amy - for the first year, we are going to stick with the 60 minutes :( Sorry dear! Everything in moderation. But I do hope you will apply and help us be a smash in year #1 so we can have the longer slots in year #2 :)