Monday, April 25, 2011


Attention all puppeteers: PUPPET MELTDOWN primary auditions close May 1!

Attention all puppet show fanatics (and puppet show virgins ready for a rollicking first time): PUPPET MELTDOWN will occur on June 24!

More information from Chicagoland Puppetry Guild:

In case you missed our ad in the Reader, we’re looking for short acts for a June 24 Puppet Slam ("Puppet Meltdown") at Gorilla Tango Theater, and would love to hear from you. New work, something "in the works," or a re-do of something you like in a 3-12 minute format, basic tech provided and (if you need it) a puppet stage on hand. There’s even a house band for the event! Primary auditions close May 1, and you can contact us at or go direct to the event Producer, Kat Pleviak at

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