Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to Donate to Chicago Fringe

Replace your debt ceiling with a skylight, then recline under it and feel the warm sun on your face until it is night and you open your eyes and now you’re looking at the moon and you’re not even in your apartment anymore, you’re in a car traveling on a smooth and winding road, past signs pointing you to Kansas City and Indianapolis, Edinburgh and Adelaide and Wilmington and Minneapolis, and you find the turnoff for Chicago and hoist up your sail, because this car doesn’t need expensive gas, the Windy City breeze will carry you all the way to Pilsen, and you put away your change because this isn’t a tollway, it’s the open road, and it’s taking you to a theatrical free-for-all, it’s up there ahead where the sun is rising, getting brighter and brighter and brighter, until it blots out your windshield that isn’t your windshield any more, it’s your computer screen. And there’s a link on it:

The Utopia of Fringe is real and it’s close but we need help so we can all get there together! Please donate. Even a little bit can make a big difference.

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