Thursday, January 21, 2010

Your Fringe Staff: JACK NOVAK

Hey guys, I'm Jack. I'm the Youth Programming Coordinator for the Chicago Fringe Festival. That means I'm making sure that young people have a place at Fringe--as performers, interns, and audience members. I am working to bring in groups of young performers from schools, as well as other organizations and programs that focus on giving young people a chance to engage in the performing arts. I'm also coordinating the beginnings of an intern program with high-school age youth interested in getting involved behind the scenes (any and all interested young people reading this now are encouraged to contact me!).

Fringe presents an extremely exciting opportunity for all artists to create and share their work, while engaging in a community of similarly free-thinking creative minds. What a great place it is, then, for emerging artists, especially! I look forward to having young people come together at Fringe from all over Chicago to build the artistic community of the next generation, and to discover new perspectives on careers in the arts.

We are, right now, reaching out to bring in applications to perform. We are also beginning to look into setting up workshops and panels to center around a general theme, which will take place in the days leading up and during the festival. There are a lot of exciting ideas in the works, and we hope that youth programming will continue to grow with the Fringe over the coming years.

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