Monday, March 8, 2010

Meet Your Fringe Staff: Anne Cauley

Hi. I’m Anne Cauley, the Advisory Board Chair and Volunteer Coordinator for CFF. The Advisory Board is a group of people who know a lot about fringes and/or Chicago. They want to lend a helping hand, but don’t have time to be staff members. I’ve been communicating with a lot of awesome people with ideas, questions, concerns and connections that will all help to make the Inaugural Chicago Fringe Festival amazing. If you are such a person or know one, contact me at
I will also be helping to coordinate volunteers for the festival. We need a lot of help leading up to and during the festival. A LOT. The festival will not be possible without an awesome team of enthusiastic volunteers helping in a slew of capacities. If you are interested, please shoot an email to
I think that CFF is different from other fringes because of the phenomenally active arts community already in Chicago. CFF will hopefully highlight that activity. In addition, national and international fringe performers will be joining us in the madness. That is exciting for the audiences - to see groups otherwise not seen in Chicago - and for the performers - to connect, gain inspiration, etc.
I graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis with a B.S. in Arts Administration. It was there, at the IndyFringe, that I converted to Fringe-ism. Since then I have worked at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and attended the Toronto and Cincinnati. I think it’s high time that Chicago put its own spin on Fringe. I am thrilled to be helping make that a reality.

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