Monday, March 1, 2010

The Results Are In!

Hi! Last night we hosted our Lottery Party at the lovely and gracious Temple Gallery in Pilsen. We enjoyed the talents of our hosts, Tony Blanco and Vallery Dollz, alongside the music of the Ben Keeler Trio. For those of you who weren't able to join us, watch us streaming, or catch it on Twitter, I am happy to announce our results below. I will post the full waiting list soon!

Artists who won a production slot in the 2010 Chicago Fringe:


1. Skinny Dipping presents: Skinny Dipping – Not Your Mama’s One Woman Show
2. Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre presents: TBD
3. Kristina Schramm presents: The Parenticide Club
4. Shakura World Theatre presents: Columbine & Roses
5. Piel Morena Contemporary Dance presents: Machito Pichon
6. Rebecca Kling presents: Transform
7. 2nd Story presents: Cabinalysis, or Build Your Own Damn Cabin!
8. Citadel Theatre Company presents: TBD (shorts)
9. Les Enfants Terribles present: Believe in Nothing, Mock Everything
10. The Consortium Project presents: Knee-Jerk
11. Megan Rhyme presents: Inner Cartography: the science of new things
12. The Ripettes Burlesque presents: The Ripettes Burlesque in Undetermined
13. Hubris Productions presents: Annee Pocalypse
14. The Anatomy Collective presents: Mutations Part III
15. New Millenium Theatre Company presents: The Texas Chainsaw Musical
16. Steve O’Connell presents: Part-Time
17. Weber and Einstein presents: Please Love Me, High School Boyfriend
18. Jason Econoums presents: The Steve Show
19. Genesis Ensemble presents: sweet, half-darkness
20. Terra Mysterium presents: Finding Eleusis
21. Patchwork Woman Performance presents: Bridges
22. BOLD presents: Birth
23. The Talking Cure presents: The Talking Cure


1. Undeclared presents: Grind: The Musical
2. Swanderwoman Productions presents: Driving the Body Back
3. No Snowcones Productions presents: That Greek Thing
4. Kahlil Ashanti presents: Basic Training
5. Meddlin' Productions presents: Tweedledum and Tweedledee
6. Adam Theater presents: Hansel and Gretel – The End of the Fairy Tale
7. The Birdmann presents: The Birdmann
8. Terri Cyrmes presents: Straight Girl in a Gay Man’s World (Working Title)
9. Leila Ghaznavi presents: Silken Veils
10. Nicole Kearney presents: And Ya Don’t Stop, a hip hop parable
11. The Adventures of Les Kurkendaal presents: Christmas in Bakersfield
12. RE Dance presents: Portraits Triptych
13. Paul Diem presents: Mulatto Child – Voices from the Margins
14. Evan O’Television presents: Double Negatives
15. BITE Theatre presents: KRAIGSLIST
16. La Rinascita presents: The Fugitives
17. Howard Petrick Solo Performer presents: Rambo: The Missing Years (Excerpt)
18. Gemma Wilcox presents: The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over
19. Gutsy Theater presents: Van Gogh: Starry Night, Stormy Life
20. Pat Devine presents: Breaking Down in America
21. Uncommon Time Theatre Company: Liberal Arts: The Musical!
22. Maire Clerkin presents: The Bad Arm – Confessions of a Dodgy Irish Dancer
23. And Giggles Productions presents: The Playdaters

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