Saturday, August 14, 2010

Exhausted Paint: The Death of Van Gogh

Venue: Simone's Bar

Showtimes (Click to purchase tickets):

Wednesday September 01, 2010
Thursday September 02, 2010
Friday September 03, 2010
Saturday September 04, 2010
Sunday September 05, 2010

Show Description:

Van Gogh, alienation, wine! What more do you need? A tender play about harshness, “Exhausted Paint” explores Vincent van Gogh’s desperate struggle to mean something in a world that devalues art and its artists, forever asking the question: Why does humanity devalue what humanizes us?

About the Company:

Opium, Fireworks, and Lead Theater formed last year to bring a show to Minneapolis and NYC. As it begins to grow, it will help move innovative work between different theater communities. OFL’s work risks chaos, failure, and destruction by teasing, twisting, and ignoring traditional theatrical structures starting from a belief that catharsis is not fundamentally tied to plot and character. We take on the effective role of the jester, while staying unrepentantly and unremittingly smart.

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