Monday, August 29, 2011


Have you heard?

The bird is the WORD!

As in, the bird that CHIRPs awesome tunes by all your old-favorite and new-favorite artists.

Fruit Bats? Check.

Tom Waits? Check.

Darkstar? Yup.

The New Pornographers? Them too.

That's all in the last hour.

Still wondering why CHIRP is Radio Free Fringe 2011?
Check it out:

The Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP) is dedicated to providing Chicago residents with a community radio station focused on the representation of local people, events, and issues alongside a wide array of local and independent music. We seek to promote localism, diversity, and independence in public broadcasting via programming and web content curated, created, and produced by Chicagoans. It is committed to playing music the big stations won’t touch, and to focusing on the vibrant culture of a community that often flies under the radar.

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